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Fast & Reliable Dispensary Software for Washington Cannabis Retail

Cova’s award-winning POS & Inventory Management platform provides fast, reliable cannabis point-of-sale service to Washington cannabis retailers. Cova POS is fully integrated with Leaf Data Systems and features built-in safeguards to make compliance simple. It’s loaded with the intuitive sales tools and advanced inventory tracking capabilities you need to streamline cannabis store operations. Cova offers best-in-class launch service & training, and industry-leading ongoing support. Seamless integrations with cannabis tech partners like springbig, Leafly, and Weedmaps make it easy to expand your retail ecosystem and grow your business. Whether your dispensary is located in Seattle or any other city in Washington, Cova is the best cannabis POS for you, as it offers a full suite of dispensary software solutions including inventory management, analytics, eCommerce, and cashless payments.

Q & A

1. How does Cova integrate with Leaf Data Systems to ensure state traceability compliance?

Cova integrates with Leaf Data Systems, the Washington state cannabis traceability system, to automate sales reporting and sync inventory adjustments. Cova also supports manifest receiving and lets you create outbound manifests without the need for double entry. In addition, Cova integrates with Metrc and BioTrack systems, so our software is fully prepared for any likely changes in state traceability protocol.

2. What other features does Cova POS offer to automate compliance?

Cova’s built-in ID scanner makes it easy to verify age and confirm validity. Integrated purchase limit monitoring includes a visual gauge and automatic equivalency calculation, making it easy for your budtenders to maximize upsell opportunities without overselling. The back-end management tools give owners and operators strict control over employee permissions, operational hours, discounts, and more. These software safeguards reduce the chance of human error and violations of Washington state regulations.

3. How does Cova POS help Washington dispensaries sell cannabis online?

Cova is more than a POS. Our system has built-in workflows and best-in-class partner integrations to function as the heart of a retail ecosystem. Cova integrates with Leafly Pickup, Weedmaps, or I Heart Jane to allow Washington cannabis retailers to expand their sales channels to online menus and marketplaces. With Cova eCommerce fully integrated into Cova POS, you can manage, reserve, and pick up orders from multiple sources in one place, and any changes to your inventory will sync to your menus in real-time. An integrated cannabis eCommerce solution like Cova eComm surpasses iframe online menus as it augments your organic product SEO efforts, unlike with a third-party online menu provider.

4. How does Cova POS help streamline dispensary operations?

Cova’s award-winning user interface is loved by budtenders and store owners. The POS is easy to use and gives sales staff access to detailed product info when they need it or streamlined sales tools to make fast transactions when customers already know what they want. With Cova’s Express Checkout, customers can even build their own orders on the intuitive touchscreen menus. The Cova back end gives dispensary owners and managers access to reports-on-demand and mobile dashboards to monitor store performance. With Cova Pay, you have access to cashless payment solutions like PIN Debit, ACH, and branded Gift Cards.

5. How does Cova help with inventory management and auditing?

Cova’s inventory management capabilities include batch scanning and bulk adjustments of products. This saves retailers hours of work by eliminating manual entry. Cova’s reorder report keeps track of fast-moving product and offers insight on how many days of stock remain. Cova Rooms splits your inventory into sections within your store, so you can more precisely manage and move product between locations like your storage room and sales floor. This makes auditing less daunting and helps ensure FIFO best practices.

6. Is Cova POS easily scalable for multi-location stores?

Cova’s enterprise-capable retail management platform can help you run one store or one hundred. The POS is popular with first-time and boutique cannabis retailers because of its out-of-the-box ease-of-use, but it’s also built to scale and ready to expand when you are. Cova’s high-volume and multi-location management capabilities, open APIs, and plug-and-play integrations with top cannabis retail tech partners make it a top choice for enterprise retailers. We power the biggest cannabis store chains in North America.

“We chose Cova because we want a long-term, strategic partner that could grow with us. With Cova, I have visibility to the operations of all my 3 store locations.”

Mike Redman, President, Washington, Green Lady



Sync With Leaf Data

Report sales automatically to Leaf Data Systems, sync inventory adjustments, receive or create manifests, and verify packages. Cova POS is fully integrated with the state traceability system.


Offline Mode

Don’t let the convenience of mobile tablets be undermined by spotty Wi-Fi. Our system’s backup offline mode ensures you can keep making cash sales even if your connection fails. Transaction data will simply resync when the system reconnects.


Automated Compliance

We help make compliance incredibly easy—from built-in ID scanning & age verification to purchase limit monitoring with automatic equivalency calculation. Cova’s safeguards prevent human error and provide peace of mind.


Inventory Rooms Partitioning

Track and move your inventory across multiple areas easily. Room helps you practice FIFO, improve inventory auditing, and link specific inventory to menu boards or online menus, to promote particular products via different channels.


Multi-Location Management

Our enterprise-ready retail platform is built to scale and ready to grow with you. Gain operational insights, adjust pricing, create promotions and access sales across multiple locations in one place. Our robust enterprise solution powers the largest dispensary chains in North America.

Cashless Payments + Dispensary gift cards

Cashless Payment Solutions

With Cova cannabis cashless payments, you can transcend the constraints of cash-only transactions and provide your dispensary clientele with the flexibility to pay for their preferred cannabis products using various methods, including branded gift cards.

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