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Built specifically for Canadian cannabis retail, Cova’s award-winning Point of Sale & Inventory Management platform is used by 60% of cannabis stores. Praised by retailers and budtenders for its reliable performance, ease-of-use, and world-class customer support, Cova is optimized to help Saskatchewan cannabis stores automate compliance and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Cova’s complete retail management solutions are ready to grow with you, whether you run a successful neighbourhood store, expand to multiple locations, or turn on in-demand e-commerce, online ordering and delivery channels.

Q & A

1. How does Cova POS help with monthly SLGA compliance reports?

Cova POS compiles all the required data and generates easy 1-click compliance reports that are ready to submit to the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority. Additionally, Cova POS can generate diagnostic reports for Saskatchewan retailers, so it’s easy to see what’s being included in the compliance reports in more detail. This makes it easy to spot and investigate any discrepancies.

2. Which Cova POS features help Saskatchewan cannabis retailers maintain compliance?

To help stores simplify compliance and operate more easily within SLGA and Health Canada regulations, Cova is built with several automated safeguards. An integrated ID scanner ensures customers are of legal age and prevents sales otherwise. A purchase limit gauge helps staff maximize sales without overselling to customers, while product equivalencies are automatically calculated for edibles and concentrates. There are back-end settings for operational hours, security system integrations, and employee permissions that help prevent human error and fraud, reducing the risk of infractions.

3. How can Cova POS help streamline my cannabis store operations?

Cova’s intuitive user interface is easy to learn and empowers your budtenders to find product info quickly and complete transactions smoothly. There’s virtually no learning curve and never any system lag. The POS has an offline mode that ensures even if you have unreliable Wi-Fi, your sales can continue uninterrupted. Detailed reports-on-demand and real-time mobile dashboards help you make fast, informed decisions to improve efficiency and store profits.

4. I’ve never run a cannabis store. What help is available for first-time retailers?

Good help is hard to find, especially when you don’t know what to ask and who to trust. Cova has been there since the beginning of cannabis legalization, helping Saskatchewan retailers launch and run successful stores. Our premier launch team goes above and beyond to ensure your confidence when we set up your POS system and train your staff. We share industry insights and retail best practices to help avoid common mistakes and maximize the potential of your retail tech. After launch, you have access to free ongoing support, available via phone, email, or live chat with industry-leading response time.

5. What sets Cova apart from other cannabis POS systems?

Beware of tech startups with limited experience and resources; they may not be able to keep up with frequent changes or survive challenging times. Cova has the agility and entrepreneurial spirit that suits the cannabis industry, and the retail tech experience to support it. Question any system that claims to be the leading or #1 POS without the numbers to back it up. Cova has worked with hundreds of Canadian cannabis retailers, big and small, and the experience we’ve gained goes into the service we provide, and the best practices we share when we help you launch your store.

6. What sets Cova apart from POS systems that are not built for the cannabis industry?

POS systems optimized for restaurants and other retail stores may be cheaper, but they aren’t built for cannabis compliance. The manual work you’ll have to do compiling provincial reports will cost you hours. Human error, without purpose-built automation to keep it in check, could cost you your license. Cova is a compliance-first company. We know Canadian laws and SLGA regulations, and always stay on top of changes to rules and reporting.

"Cova is a lot more than just a POS software- its retail management tools help Canvas stay on top of everything, and no other company comes even close.”

Helene Vassos, Owner, Ontario



Easy-to-Use POS

Our award-winning UI is loved by budtenders and store owners. We hear it consistently: Cova is easy to learn, intuitive, and exceptionally fast.


Automated Safeguards

Purchase limit alerts, built-in ID scanning, and operational hours settings help automate compliance and prevent human error.


Online Ordering & Delivery

E-Comm is in-demand and Cova has the built-in workflows and industry leading partners to provide must-have online menus, online ordering, and delivery capabilities.


Compliance Reports

Generate 1-click SLGA monthly reports, auto-populating all the required data in the correct format for provincial requirements.


Advanced Inventory Tools

Improve operational efficiency, make auditing easier, and ensure FIFO best practices with advanced tools like Cova’s innovative Rooms segmentation, batch scanning, bulk updates, reorder reports, and Reserved Inventory.


Gift Card Programs

Earn new customers and nurture long term relationships with branded gift cards to boost revenue and deals that show frequent buyers special customer segments you care.

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