Award-Winning Cannabis POS & Retail Software Fully Compliant with the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission Regulations

Cova’s award-winning cannabis POS & retail tech solutions provide fast and reliable cannabis software services to Oregon cannabis retailers. Cova POS is fully compliant with Oregon’s OLCC cannabis regulations and is trusted as the best cannabis dispensary software solution in North America. Our software is loaded with intuitive tools and advanced inventory tracking capabilities that help dispensaries stay compliant, manage inventory efficiently, and curate elevated experiences for customers. Seamless integrations with cannabis eCommerce and payment solutions and Metrc seed-to-sale tracking system facilitate daily processes and provide an enhanced cannabis retail experience.

Q & A

1. How does Cova simplify compliance for Oregon cannabis retailers?

With 2-way integration to Metrc, Cova’s cannabis dispensary software streamlines compliance and powerful inventory management tools seamlessly track all sales and data required by METRC. Cova's integrated customer ID scanner helps in the verification of age, and a purchase limit gauge helps budtenders keep an eye on legal buying limits. The system automatically applies the appropriate taxes as per THC percentage. Such effortless automation reduces the risk of infractions, fines, or license suspension.

2. I'm opening a new dispensary in Oregon. What help is available?

Cova has helped hundreds of cannabis retailers across the US and Canada launch successful businesses and worked with multi-location enterprises as well to help scale and expand their operations. We have helped establish cannabis retail best practices, including how to hire and train the best employees, and how to avoid common compliance mistakes to avoid fines. Cova has the cannabis industry-specific experience and agility needed to keep pace with evolving OLCC cannabis regulations and will be by your side with unparalleled customer support.

3. How does Cova help with inventory management to streamline Oregon dispensary operations?

Cova has advanced inventory management features like batch scanning and bulk adjustments, which save cannabis retailers time and improve accuracy. Our innovative Rooms feature lets retailers assign inventory to different locations in the same store, like the backroom or the sales floor, facilitating FIFO and maximizing the shelf life of cannabis products. Cova’s inventory reorder report forecasts accurately the number of days of cannabis stock remaining so you can replenish fast-moving products efficiently.

4. Is Cova a seed-to-sale compliant cannabis software as per Oregon regulations?

Cova software is 100% compliant with Metrc and Oregon’s seed-to-sale regulations. But Cova is built specifically for dispensary operations management and must not be confused with “seed-to-sale” software designed for vertically integrated operations that grow, process, and sell cannabis. Many vertically integrated cannabis companies still choose Cova to manage retail operations since many all-in-one software solutions prove insufficient for dispensary management.

5. Does Cova provide cannabis eCommerce and delivery solutions?

Cova integrates seamlessly with all online marketplaces like Leafly, I Heart Jane and Weedmaps, and now also offers Cova eCommerce while seamlessly integrating with cannabis delivery solutions like WebJoint. Our system also offers open APIs to link to any other cannabis technology solutions. Such seamless integrations let you manage your inventory and cannabis eCommerce/delivery orders fulfillment directly from one place—the Cova POS.

6. Why should I switch from my existing POS to Cova?

Cova is built specifically for the cannabis retail industry and has been awarded the best dispensary POS in North America multiple times. With lightning-fast transactions, 100% uptime, and a reliable offline mode, Cova is the best-reviewed dispensary management software system, and our clients love the user-friendly interface. With Cova, you will always stand out from the competition and keep customers coming back for more by infusing advanced technology into your daily operations. Cova eComm, Cova Pay, flexible loyalty programs and integrated gift cards make Cova your one-stop shop for all your cannabis retail tech needs.



Report sales automatically to Metrc, sync inventory adjustments, receive or create manifests, and verify packages. Cova POS is fully integrated with the state traceability system.


Don’t let the convenience of mobile tablets be undermined by spotty Wi-Fi. Our system’s backup offline mode ensures you can keep making cash sales even if your connection fails. Transaction data will simply resync when the system reconnects.


We help make compliance incredibly easy—from built-in ID scanning & age verification to purchase limit monitoring with automatic equivalency calculation. Cova’s safeguards prevent human error and provide peace of mind.


 Track and move your inventory across multiple areas easily. Room helps you practice FIFO, improve inventory auditing, and link specific inventory to menu boards or online menus, to promote particular products via different channels.


Our enterprise-ready retail platform is built to scale and ready to grow with you. Gain operational insights, adjust pricing, create promotions and access sales across multiple locations in one place. Our robust enterprise solution powers the largest dispensary chains in North America.

Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards

Give back to your best customers and keep loyal shoppers engaged with promotional programs. Earn new business and expand your brand with integrated gift cards.



Cova is the most reliable cannabis retail platform available, and the only cannabis POS that hosts data in Microsoft Azure with redundancy, meaning if one server is down, a backup kicks in. We keep your dispensary running even on the busiest day, with an average transaction processing time of just 1.4 seconds.


We have the best budtender tools, with tech that is easy to use, easy to learn, and simply sleeker and faster than any POS in the industry. See Cova in action for yourself.


We pride ourselves on providing the best support in the industry. Cova provides a client life cycle of high satisfaction with launch services, training, account management, and customer support When you call, we pick up, with an impressive 0.51 sec average wait time. It’s the #1 reason people choose and stay with Cova.


Our enterprise retail management platform doesn’t just meet your needs today, it’s also ready to scale with you. 400+ integrations were completed in 2019 alone. Our advanced tech platform allows you to connect any tool you need to grow your business, including e-commerce, menu boards, loyalty, analytics, ERP, accounting, and security.


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