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Built for Canadian cannabis retail, Cova’s POS & Inventory Management platform is AGCO approved and used by more of the province’s cannabis stores than any other cannabis tech. The robust software suite offers industry-leading performance, automated compliance, and world-class customer support. Cova has helped Ontario retailers pass inspections and launch stores against tight deadlines, and adapt their business to overcome pandemic restrictions. We work continuously with the AGCO to stay on top of evolving regulations. In addition to streamlined sales tools and advanced inventory management solutions like our PO Import Tool, and OCS Master Catalog Importer. Cova POS offers fully integrated online ordering and online payment workflows.

Q & A

1. How does Cova help with monthly AGCO compliance reports?

Cova POS tracks sales and inventory and produces 1-click compliance reports that contain all the data required each month by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Cova also offers diagnostic reports so retailers can easily investigate what’s going into their provincial compliance reports in more detail.

2. What POS features help Ontario cannabis retailers simplify compliance?

To ensure compliance with Health Canada and AGCO regulations, Cova features several automated safeguards. A built-in ID scanner verifies customers are of age and using a valid ID, preventing sales otherwise. The integrated purchase limit gauge shows budtenders precisely how much they can legally sell, with product equivalencies automatically calculated for edibles and concentrates. Operational hours can also be set to prohibit sales outside of regulated times.

3. How does Cova POS help with e-commerce solutions like online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery?

Cova POS has the built-in workflows and existing partner integrations to make a variety of end-to-end e-commerce solutions easy. Cova plugs in to leading online menu and payment platforms like Dutchie, Shopify, Super, and Buddi, so you can sync your inventory automatically and manage orders from multiple sources all in one place. Cova makes the process seamless as you expand and adapt your business to thrive. Learn more about e-commerce.

4. How does Cova help first time retailers open their store and pass AGCO inspection?

Cova has worked with hundreds of cannabis retailers, and we go above and beyond to help new retailers launch their store. Not only does our launch team help you set up your POS and train staff on how to use it with confidence, we share cannabis retail best practices and insights gained from our hands-on knowledge of the Ontario market. Cova provides our customers with the AGCO inspection checklist, with details on how our software solves a variety of compliance requirements. We ensure our customers are well-prepared, and 100% pass their AGCO inspection.

5. How can Cova POS help streamline my cannabis store operations?

Cova’s intuitive user interface is easy to learn, and the streamlined sales tools allow Ontario budtenders to create and complete fast transactions. The system’s offline mode ensures that the convenience of mobile tablets isn’t undermined by spotty Wi-Fi, and sales can continue uninterrupted even if the signal drops. Detailed reports-on-demand and mobile dashboards allow store owners to make fast, confident decisions on staffing, sales, stock reordering, and more. Advanced inventory tools like Rooms segmentation, batch scanning, and bulk updates make auditing easier and improve store efficiency.

6. What sets Cova apart from POS systems that are not built for the cannabis industry?

POS systems that work well in restaurants and other retail establishments may be cheaper, but they don’t help you remain compliant or run a competitive cannabis operation. Cova is a compliance-first company; we work closely with the AGCO to understand Ontario regulations and keep our system updated as they change. We offer 1-click AGCO reports and built-in automation to help retailers reduce human error and simplify compliance.

“With Cova, we can relax and run our business even while on vacation!”

Nikii & Owen Allerton, Co-Owner, Manitoba



Easy-to-Use POS

Our award-winning UI design loved by budtenders. We hear it all the time, Cova is easy to learn, intuitive, and exceptionally fast. Read customer stories.


Automated Safeguards

Purchase limit alerts, built-in ID scanning, and operational hours settings help automate compliance and prevent human error.



We’re already integrated with top industry partners like Dutchie, Shopify, Super, and Buddi, so when you’re ready to expand your retail operation with online ordering, it’s a streamlined process.


Compliance Reports

Generate 1-click AGCO monthly reports with all the required data in the correct format and ready to submit. Run diagnostic reports to see what goes into your provincial summary in more detail.


Advanced Inventory Tools

Make auditing easier, ensure FIFO best practices, and improve overall efficiency with advanced tools like Cova’s innovative Rooms segmentation, batch scanning, bulk updates, reorder reports, OCS Master Catalog Importer and our PO Import tool.


Gift Card Program

Earn new customers and nurture long term relationships with branded gift cards to boost revenue and deals that show frequent buyers special customer segments you care. Cova's gift card program is fully integrated and easy to manage -- an industry first.

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