A Complete Cannabis Retail POS & Inventory Management Platform

Cova’s award-winning cannabis retail platform is an easy-to-use and comprehensive software solution that helps Montana dispensaries operate with unparalleled efficiency. Cova’s POS simplifies compliance with state regulations using Metrc integration and built-in tools like ID scanning and purchase limit alerts. Robust backend management gives owners comprehensive control and valuable operational insights via reports-on-demand and mobile dashboards. Cova’s platform is exceptionally reliable and completely scalable to offer stable and seamless multi-location management. Cova is built to grow with your business, and provides plug-in e-commerce solutions for online menus, curbside pickup and home delivery.

Q & A

1. Does Cova POS integrate with online menus and marketplace platforms to allow pickup and delivery?

Cova has streamlined integrations with top platforms like Leafly Pickup, Dutchie, I Heart Jane, and Weedmaps, so Montana dispensaries can easily turn on e-commerce and expand their sales channels. It’s easy to showcase your product online marketplaces with huge cannabis audiences. With Cova integration, your inventory syncs with your online menus automatically, so customers don’t show up looking for something that’s out of stock. Our integrated solutions can help you manage home delivery, and keep track of all your orders in one central place.

2. How does Cova help Montana dispensaries with compliance challenges?

Cova’s dispensary software seamlessly integrates with Metrc, meaning all your sales and refunds are reported in real time, adjustments with Metrc reason codes are automatically synced, and manifest imports are an easy process with no need for double entry. Cova’s POS system has built-in ID scanning to verify age and purchase limit alerts to prevent over-selling. All edible and concentrate equivalences are automatically calculated to reduce human error.

3. Which POS features help Montana cannabis retailers operate more efficiently?

Cova’s highly intuitive user interface helps your budtenders access product info on the fly and create orders quickly. Fast transaction speeds and a backup Offline Mode ensure your dispensary team can keep up with peak volume even if Wi-Fi fails. The robust back-end management gives retailers complete control over employee permissions and access to reports-on-demand (plus mobile dashboards) that provide the insights you need to make confident business decisions.

4. Does Cova work for both a Provisioning Center and a Recreational Cannabis Dispensary?

Cova offers true high-volume and multi-location management. With our robust system you can control inventory, pricing, promotions, and permissions across multiple stores all from one central location. Our POS is made for operations of all sizes; it’s easy to use first first-time retailers, and ready to scale when you are. Open APIs, and plug-and-play integrations with top cannabis retail tech partners—analytics, security, ERP, CRM, e-comm, delivery—make it a top choice for multi-location retailers across the U.S.

5. What sets Cova apart from other POS systems?

Generic POS systems aren’t going to help Montana dispensaries with the critical challange of staying compliant, or provide a competitive customer experience. A built-for-cannabis POS is important, but not all are created equal. Beware of companies that are tech startups with limited resources; they can’t always keep up with a rapidly evolving industry or survive challenging times. Cova has the entrepreneurial spirit and agility needed to keep pace and respond to customer feedback, along with the experience and resources of an established retail tech company. We leverage proven, enterprise-capable infrastructure to provide the industry’s most reliable and secure platform.

6. What kind of system training and ongoing support does Cova offer Montana dispensaries?

Cova has helped hundreds of small business owners across North America launch successful dispensaries and worked withs successful operations as they expand to multiple locations. Our premier launch team goes beyond system setup, training and tech support. We demonstrate how to implement dispensary best practices, operate within DPHHS regulations, and prevent common mistakes to protect your investment and increase your profits.



Cova makes compliance and traceability easy, so you can make time to run your dispensary. Automated features include ID scanning, age verification, and 2-way live syncing with Metrc.


Our scalable retail platform is ready to grow with you. Gain operational insights, adjust pricing, create promotions, and access sales across multiple locations in one place.


Expand to online and offer in-demand services like in-store or curbside pickup or delivery with any of Cova’s top industry partners. Managing orders from multiple sources (Leafly, Weedmaps) is easy in Cova → fully integrated + easy to plug in.


Track and transfer inventory between multiple areas within your store, like your back room and sales floor. Cova’s Rooms feature lets you move inventory easily, audit with precision, and streamline FIFO best practices.


Cova’s reliability is backed up by the ability continue transacting even when your internet drops. We keep your store running smoothly on the busiest of days, regardless of Wi-Fi hiccups.

Loyalty & Gift Cards

Built-in flexible loyalty programs and integrated gift cards help you attract new customers and promote repeat business.   



Cova is loved budtenders and retailers of all sizes across North America. Our POS has won awards for Great User Experience by software experts, and more imporantly earned rave reviews from cannabis retailers everywhere.


We get it. Support is vital not only when you open your store, but any time you need it as you evolve and expand your business. Our in-house support is super quick to answer your phone calls, e-mails, or chat requests—and we’re on-call 24/7 for emergencies.



Not only does Cova offer 2-way sync with Metrc and a suite of automated safeguards, we have a dedicated team of developers who are always on top of changing regulations. If DPHHS makes a change to rules or reporting, we make the necessary software upgrades so our customers don’t have to worry.


Even on the busiest days, at the highest volume stores, Cova won’t let you down, and won’t lag when you need to keep the lines moving. We perform with 99.99% uptime and an average transaction time of 1.4 seconds, even on 4/20.



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