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A Fully Compliant Seed-to-Sale Approved System for Missouri Medical Cannabis Retail

Cova’s award-winning cannabis POS & Inventory Management platform is one of the few DHSS seed-to-sale systems approved for use in Missouri dispensaries and is ready for compliant adult-use cannabis sales. Cova’s POS automates compliance with 2-way Metrc integration, ID scanning + age verification, and purchase limit alerts. These built-in safeguards reduce the risk of infractions and fines and make running a compliant business simple. Cova POS is easy to learn and comes with comprehensive onboarding setup and training, and free ongoing support to ensure you launch and run your cannabis retail business with complete confidence, equipped with the industry’s most reliable point-of-sale dispensary software. Whether your dispensary is located in St. Louis or any other city in Missouri, Cova is the best cannabis POS system for you, Cova is the best cannabis POS for you, as it offers a full suite of dispensary software solutions including inventory management, analytics, eCommerce, and cashless payments.

Q & A

1. How does Cova POS with Metrc in Missouri?

Cova features full 2-way Metrc integration and automatically reports all inventory control and tracking information to the statewide track and trace system. Sales and refunds are reported in real time, and any inventory adjustments with Metrc reason codes are synced automatically so that your dispensary remains compliant with all seed-to-sale tracking requirements.

2. What other features help Missouri dispensaries automate compliance?

Cova’s built-in ID scanner and purchase limit gauge ensure staff can only make legal sales to eligible Missouri medical marijuana patients or Primary Caregivers, and only to adults of legal age. The system will automatically calculate product equivalencies and taxes, reducing the risk of human error to prevent infractions and fines. Cova is also HIPAA-compliant, and all patient data is securely protected.

3. Is Cova a certified seed-to-sale tracking system?

Yes, Cova is one of the first POS and Inventory Management systems to earn a seed-to-sale system license from Missouri’s DHSS. Dispensaries must use seed-to-sale certified software to operate in compliance with state regulations. This is not to be confused with “seed-to-sale” software designed for vertically integrated operations that grow, process, and sell cannabis. Missouri dispensaries do not require grow software, or all-in-one seed-to-sale systems, which are loaded with features you don’t need, and usually lacking the robust dispensary management functionality you do.

4. How does Cova's Offline Mode help Missouri dispensaries make uninterrupted transactions?

Cova’s exceptionally stable platform performs with unsurpassed reliability, with 99.99% uptime and no lag on high volume days like 4/20. But unstable internet or spotty Wi-Fi in your dispensary can interrupt sales, force budtenders to start transactions over, and make customers wait. Cova built in Offine Mode as a backup, so even if your connection drops, the system can continue to process a cash transaction at the POS, and sync seamlessly with the network again once the connection is reestablished. It’s a big deal when you’ve got long lines of customers short on patience.

5. What kind of system training and ongoing support does Cova offer Missouri dispensaries?

Cova’s world-class onboarding team goes above and beyond to help new cannabis retailers set up their dispensary POS system, train staff to use the technology, and share dispensary best practices + common mistakes cannabis retailers should avoid. We pride ourselves on providing the best ongoing support in the industry. Our team is available via phone, chat, or e-mail, with remarkable response time (an average of just  0.51 seconds) and we’re always on-call 24/7 for emergency support.

6. Can Cova integrate with online menus, delivery apps, and other dispensary technology platforms?

Cova works with a growing number of top industry partners, and has existing integrations with all types of dispensary technology—online menus, accounting, analytics, security, loyalty, ERP, e-comm, delivery—along with open APIs that allow for easy new (and custom) integrations. Whether you want to sync your inventory with popular marketplace menus or expand to offer online ordering and pickup or delivery, Cova retail management platform has both the built-in workflows and easy to plug in integrations to make it happen.



We make compliance crazy easy, so you can make serious time to focus on what matters most--running a profitable dispensary. Automated safeguards include ID scanning, age verification, and 2-way live syncing with Metrc.


Offer your customers the convenience of in-store or curbside pickup through online platforms like Leafly Pickup, Weedmaps, and your own website; you can manage orders from multiple sources in one place in Cova → fully integrated + easy plug in.


Cova has built-in workflows and a network of advanced delivery partner integrations to help you manage everything from simple home delivery to a fleet of drivers. We can optimize your operation to get your product to your customers fast.


Precisely track and swiftly move inventory across multiple sections in your dispensary. Cova’s Rooms feature helps ensure FIFO best practices, makes auditing easier, and lets you link unique inventory to specific channels, like in-store menu boards or online menus.


Reliability and fast, smooth sales are our top priority, and that includes the ability to continue transacting even if your connection drops. Cova’s offline mode kicks in when Wi-Fi fails, so customers don’t have to wait or walk out with cash in hand.

Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards

Keep track of and give back to your most valued customers with loyalty and promotion programs. Earn new customers and keep them coming back with branded gift cards.



Cova’s award-winning design is loved by budtenders and dispensary owners. The POS is incredibly intuitive, and both the front sales tools and back-end management controls come with comprehensive setup and training from our world-class launch team, who will have your team up and running in no time.


We pride ourselves for providing the best support in the industry. Our support and commitment to your dispensary's success doesn’t stop after launch; we’re here for your ongoing needs. When you call, we pick up with an impressive 0.51 sec average wait time. It’s the #1 reason people choose and recommend Cova.


 We are always evolving our software to keep compliant with Missouri regulations and keep pace with changing customer expectations. We grow with the industry.


Our purpose is to help cannabis retailers and their dispensary staff succeed, so we build the tools you need and improve based on the feedback we receive. Cova is proud to be the best-reviewed, most loved POS on the market.




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