At Cova, we make complex tasks simple so you can run your operation with ease and deliver the best customer experience every time.

Deliver the best customer experience
Insight & control in the palm of your hand
Full cannabis retail compliance (less headaches!)
A cannabis retail platform that grows with you
We'll never let you down
First rate on-boarding & support team
Drive revenue with bottom line boosting features
Streamline operations and reduce operational costs
Effectively manage your cannabis retail team



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Our dispensary POS software is agile, easy to use, and has everything your team needs to delight new and repeat customers.



Smooth & Fast End-to-End Experience

With an average transaction time of 1.4 seconds, we leave your customers impressed with a seamless and speedy cannabis retail  shopping experience.  

Queue Your Customers for Cannabis

No more taking numbers or managing long lines when you employ our dispensary pos. With built-in queue capability, your customers can sign in, sit back and relax until the next sales team member is available.

Cova Dispensary POS Offline Mode

No Wi-Fi? No Problem

Our cannabis retail pos offline mode feature will keep the lines moving so no one has to wait or leave your store empty-handed.

Build Trust On The Sales Floor

Connect & Build Trust On The Sales Floor

Provide VIP treatment when you employ a cannabis point of sale system that frees your team from behind the counter, allowing them to showcase inventory and build trust on the sales floor.  

COVA Touchscreen POS

Sell With Confidence From Day One

On average, new users learn the Cova dispensary POS platform  within 5 minutes. More about onboarding Cova here.