Cashless POS Payments for Cannabis Dispensaries

Cash, debit card, or mobile app - it pays to offer choices


Cashless payment options mean higher profits at your dispensary

Debit card processing is indeed possible for U.S. cannabis dispensaries, despite banking restrictions that leave retailers little in the way of big bank support and cannabis payment processing. There are tech solutions that allow you to offer your customers the choice and convenience of cashless and contactless payment. Cova POS has partnered with two of the best cashless payment platforms available in the industry.

Cashless ATM

Expert Services Network's Cashless ATM system is a simple interface that lets your customers swipe their regular debit card and use their PIN to complete a transaction, just like at an ATM. They pay a similar convenience fee, and you make money from each transaction, so it’s cost-effective for your dispensary.

Mobile App

Customers can pay directly from a bank account or load their digital wallet with a debit card to make payments securely through a Starbucks-like app. It's a completely contactless transaction, at no cost to customers and only a 3% merchant processing fee -- an ideal solution for online ordering and delivery.

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