Offer Debit Payment to Earn Higher Sales and Return Customers

Cash-only is not a great model for a modern business. Dispensary customers want the convenience and familiarity of paying with their card. With Cova Pay, you can reduce the hassles, risks, and costs of cash-only payment. Cova Pay lets US cannabis retailers boost sales by offering convenient and secure payment options. Cashless payment means maximized revenue, enhanced customer experience, and a safer dispensary.

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Cova Pay: Debit Payment

With Cova Pay's Debit Payment, your customers keep coming back to your dispensary to conveniently shop and pay for their cannabis, without being worried about the cash amount they carry. Cova Pay Debit Payment is a secure digital payment that authorizes the total amount in a $5 roundup increment without pulling physical cash.

  • 25% increase in average customer spend
  • Zero transaction fee for dispensaries
  • Next business day deposit

Why Cova Pay

• No need for in-store ATM machines

• Accept cashless payment conveniently anywhere, for deliveries, curbside pickups and line busting

• Award-winning customer support to ensure your success

• Accepts all US debit cards for more convenient payment

Use Cova Pay to Boost Your Dispensary Bottom line


Maximize Revenue

  • Raise the basket size by 25%
  • Gain higher upselling opportunities
  • Increase daily sales with faster checkouts

Enhance Safety & Efficiency

  • Reduce theft vulnerability
  • Cut on payroll hours and security
  • Reduce inaccuracy and errors

Elevate the Shopping Experience

  • Fast checkouts with no long line-ups
  • No need for carrying cash
  • More choice, convenience, and ease



Cova Pay FAQ

Debit Payment

How long does it take to set up?

Once the forms are filled out properly, it typically takes 2-3 days to get activated

What is the roundup increment?

The roundup increment is $5.

How long does it take to deposit the money in the dispensary's bank account?

Merchants can expect the payout the next business day after the transaction has settled.

Does Cova Pay have mobile terminals to complete a transaction anywhere?

The point-of-banking terminals are battery-powered and work over the celluar network with a provided SIM card and data plan, so you can take payments in lines, parking lots or when on delivery to bust lines and faster serve your customers

What is the cutoff for a day of sales?

Cut-off depends on the network that processed the transactions.

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