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7 Signs You're Using the Wrong Cannabis Dispensary POS System

Wrong Cannabis Dispensary POS System

If you own or manage a cannabis retail venture and have invested in a marijuana-specific point of sale (POS) system, you’ve made a smart decision. Cannabis dispensary POS is advantageous over a traditional point of sale for several reasons—the most important of which is the ability to keep you compliant with government regulations.

However, not all POS platforms are created equal—and even if your current system was designed with cannabis retail in mind, it may not be the most efficient or reliable solution available.

Cannabis POS Problems

Because the cannabis industry is still so nascent—and regulations so in flux—point of sale manufacturers must constantly adapt and update their products to keep up with the latest developments.

The legacy systems that were built four to five years ago were developed by companies that were steeped in the cannabis industry but lacking the technology development background to keep up with rapid growth.

Conversely, some later model platforms (pre-2015) were built by companies with legitimate tech pedigrees. However, cannabis market conditions at that time didn’t allow for mass scalability, meaning these systems are only optimal for retailers with up to two or three locations at max.

As the industry continues to mature, mergers and acquisitions as well as franchising opportunities will only expand—and you’ll need a POS that can grow along with your business.

The Seven Signs of an Inferior POS

Even if you’re not yet a multi-store operation, it may be time to consider a point of sale upgrade. Here’s a list of seven tell-tale signs that your current system just isn’t up to snuff.

1. Your POS has a history of outages and/or security breaches

Reliability is a desirable trait in any piece of technology, but it’s particularly important in a point of sale. As an industry, we’ve seen plenty of examples of POS system failures and hacks that led to lost revenue and downtime for thousands of cannabis retailers. If you’re one of them, it may be time to consider an alternative.

2. Your cannabis dispensary POS is slow

Many point of sale platforms perform well at low transaction volumes. But when lines are long and customers are waiting, they get bogged down and can’t keep up the same pace. A quality POS should be able to consistently operate at a high speed—especially during peak sales hours.

3. Your system has poor UX and UI

Does your point of sale look like it was designed in the ‘80s? Is the interface clunky, cumbersome and complicated? If so, this is a symptom of poor user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design.

A modern, user-friendly platform will not only make your budtenders’ jobs easier, it will decrease transaction time, reduce potential errors in data tracking and save you labor hours by simplifying complex tasks. 

4. Your platform is dirt cheap

Like many things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to dispensary technology. Investing in a high-quality platform can save you time spent in training and downtime—and time is money.

5. Your POS doesn't address cannabis compliance 

Automated cannabis compliance reporting is the number-one benefit of using dispensary-specific software. If your current POS doesn’t integrate with your state’s traceability system, you definitely need to consider upgrading. If you're looking for additional benefits, here are some key advantages of using a cannabis pos system at your dispensary. 

6. You bought your POS from a reseller

If you didn’t buy your system directly from the manufacturer, don’t expect to have the support you need in the event of a system failure or malfunction. You also won’t be eligible to receive upgrades if the manufacturer introduces new features or software improvements.

7. Your POS claims to be an enterprise solution but doesn’t offer an SLA

If your current provider claims to be an enterprise solution but doesn’t offer a service level agreement, well, they’re not.

Ready for a Better Solution?

If you’re considering upgrading your point of sale but not quite sure what to look for, download our free POS buying guide. In it, you’ll learn seven things to consider when choosing a point of sale system for your dispensary. Get your free guide today!


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