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3 Reasons to Attend the NCIA Cannabis Caucus with Cova

3-Reasons-to-Attend-the-NCIA-Cannabis-Caucus-with-Cova.jpgAt Cova, we believe it’s paramount for new and existing cannabis entrepreneurs to connect and network with key industry leaders and peers during events in their region and across the nation. That’s why we’re the premier sponsor of the National Cannabis Industry Association’s final Cannabis Caucus series of the year. We decided to sponsor the event series because it packs a ton of valuable information that entrepreneurs can trust into a regular quarterly meet-up.

With a full itinerary and endless networking opportunities, this event series is one you won't want to miss. Here are three reasons to register (and attend) NCIA’s Cannabis Caucus, right now.

1. Get in the Know

We work in an unpredictable industry that’s constantly changing. When you attend a Cannabis Caucus, you’ll receive a state and federal policy briefing customized to the legal framework where you operate. Also, Cova leadership and team members will share how we can help you stay compliant, grow a successful business, and transform your cannabis retail experience.

2. Network Like a Boss

This event was built to facilitate a ton of meaningful networking time with regional and national industry leaders. From the time you arrive, you’ll have an opportunity to chat with other dispensary owners, processors, growers, consultants, emerging brands, representatives from ancillary businesses and more all in one night.

3. Get Inspired

With all the networking and learning set to take place during NCIA's Cannabis Caucus, we believe you’ll leave inspired to implement new tech to grow your business, team up with community leaders to make a difference, or leave with new marketing tools to take your cannabis retail to the next level. The possibilities are endless.

NCIA’s final caucus series begins in less than two weeks. If you’re an existing member, register for the event here. If you aren’t a member, claim your free ticket to the Seattle caucus when you RSVP below. We also encourage you to join NCIA. The trade association is one of the leading organizations in the industry and offers valuable resources to its member.


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