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"Cova POS is ahead of the curve, mobile, fast, and intuitive. It enables the experience we want to deliver, and lets us help thousands a day."

Jay Patel, CEO
Green Releaf, Missouri

5 dispensaries, 120 employees, and just getting started. Picks tech that can go the distance.


“Native Roots grew fast, and other POS solutions just weren’t built to keep up with our enterprise needs. 20+ stores are hard to manage without a system as robust as Cova.”

Chance Harrison, B.I. Manager
Native Roots, Colorado

Values the customer experience. Knows nobody trusts a stressed-out budtender.


"Compliance is the #1 factor in this industry, and Cova POS is on top of it. The strong API and frequent syncing with with the state traceability system are a big advantage."

Rob Nusbaum, Founding Patner
Pincanna, Michigan

Vision: premier products & exceptional service. Criteria for a great tech partner: same.


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