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“Native Roots grew fast, and other POS solutions just weren’t built to keep up with our enterprise needs. 20+ stores are hard to manage without a system as robust as Cova.”

Chance Harrison, B.I. Manager
Native Roots, Colorado

Values the customer experience. Knows nobody trusts a stressed-out budtender.


“Cova has supported Spiritleaf’s rapid growth from 1 to over 100 stores. Their POS is easy-to-use, reliable, and tailored to the needs of cannabis retail.”

Darren Bondar, President & CEO

Nearly 100 stores. Over $100M in sales. Dreams big. Needs his tech to keep up.


“The experience Cova brings to the table makes a big difference, from launch and ongoing support, to the user-friendly design and the reliability of the POS.”

Eleanor Gomez, General Manager
Cloverdale Wellness, California

Determined to elevate the perception of cannabis. Depends on tech that won’t let her down.


"Cova POS is ahead of the curve, mobile, fast, and intuitive. It enables the experience we want to deliver, and lets us help thousands a day."

Jay Patel, CEO
Green Releaf, Missouri

5 dispensaries, 120 employees, and just getting started. Picks tech that can go the distance.


"I've been with Cova since the beginning, and they're always there to help. 3 years and counting, I'm one happy customer."

Natasha Sokoloski, Chief Operations Officer
DM Compassion Center, California

Passionate about clean cannabis, sustainability, and service that goes above and beyond.


“Cova POS is fast, efficient, and a goldmine of real-time, in-depth sales reports that help us make smart business decisions on the fly.”

Erik Hackett, General Manager
Trinity, Illinois

Values quality time spent with customers, and tech that makes it possible.


"You need speed, efficiency, and dependability. Cova checks all of the boxes."

Richard McLean, District Retail Manager
Vibe by California

Expands business by bringing people together. Knows good tech does the same.

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