Meet the Most Reliable Dispensary POS. Industry-Leading Uptime & Offline Mode.

The most trusted cannabis POS system in North America, offering industry-leading reliability and high-volume proven performance.

Built with Offline Mode, so your store can keep making sales, even if Wi-Fi fails.

Real-time state traceability reporting, and the ability to cache sales and sync later* in the event Metrc or BioTrack are down. 

*Functionality available in markets where regulations allow. 

What More Can Cova do?


What Can Cova Do For You?

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Why Cannabis Retailers Choose Cova Software

Seamless Traceability

Cova provides top-tier integration with state traceability systems like Metrc and BioTrack, with real-time automated reporting and easy manifest imports to reduce human error, maximize efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Award-Winning Software

Cova is trusted from coast to coast by retailers and regulators to keep stores compliant and competitive. From helping new retailers get approved to powering 100+ location enterprise operations, Cova has been put to the test and voted the best cannabis POS.

Robust Partner Network

Cova works closely with industry-leading tech partners to create seamless integrated solutions. Those who prefer best-in-class over one-size-fits-all enjoy greater control over ecosystem essentials like HR, Loyalty, Security, Marketplace and more.