Your customers are constantly wondering what’s on your menu, and with inventory changing so often, automating a process to display accurate availability is a must. Add to that a suite of tools allowing customers to place orders, and staff to better manage your digital store, and the result is a fully automated system for driving more sales to your dispensary.

By seamlessly integrating with COVA, Dutchie ensures your actual inventory is automatically pulled over and is always up to date on your online menus. When orders roll in, they’re automatically pushed to COVA for quick and easy fulfillment, all within one system.

What is Dutchie?

Dutchie is the industry’s leading solution for dispensaries looking to offer online ordering to their customers for pickup and delivery. Through seamless integrations with your point of sale system, your inventory syncs in real-time and comes together in a beautiful digital menu that can be embedded, with just one line of code, on your website.

What is Cova?

Cova is an award-winning cannabis POS with an intuitive design and robust tech platform, making it the most reliable cannabis retail system on the market. Cova helps retailers simplify compliance and elevate the customer experience through automated safeguards, touchscreen menus, an express checkout app, and mobile reporting dashboards.



Through our menu-sync integration, your inventory can be fully managed in COVA and all product images, descriptions, potencies, etc. will be automatically pulled over into Dutchie, eliminating any double-entry, and keeping it convenient for you and your staff.

And speaking of convenience, we take it one step further by sending orders that come through Dutchie directly in COVA, allowing your team to fulfill and manage those orders all in one place.


Your Menu, on Autopilot

  • Manage your entire digital menu, all within COVA. All data seamlessly flows onto your Dutchie menu.
  • Automated inventory updates to remove sold-out items and add new ones.
  • Eliminate double entry.


Streamlined Order Fulfillment

  • Dutchie + COVA orders integration helps your customers get their orders fast.
  • Orders come in through Dutchie, but get managed in COVA, so you can simply stay within your POS, uninterrupted.
  • Order updates, including item and status changes in COVA, get automatically sent to dutchie.