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Write a Winning Dispensary Operations and Security Plan to Submit with your Cannabis License Application.

Planning to apply for a cannabis retail license? You're likely going to need a dispensary operations and security plan as part of your application package. While some states provide a specific template, most will leave it up to you to do the leg work, and that's exactly why we've put together this comprehensive guide!

Save countless hours (and headaches) with our thorough done-for-you template that covers everything regulators will be looking for in addition to your cannabis retail license application. We're covering the critical points, key sections, and valuable tips as outlined below in this standalone document.

Your dispensary operations and security plan must include the following:

  • Dispensary location and facilities including a floor plan, lighting, window coverings, security guards, days/hours of operation, and cash management 
  • Physical security and surveillance plan including vaults, customer access, secured areas, video surveillance, alarm system, transportation, and integration
  • Inventory tracking and compliance including reporting to the state traceability system, inventory management, packaging requirements, and purchase limits

Submit the adjacent form to download your copy and be on your way to putting together a winning dispensary operations and security plan!

If you need help designing your cannabis security program, Sapphire Risk Advisory Group can help.


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