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Security Consultation

When you sign up for Cova's award-winning cannabis POS, you get an exclusive free consultation with our best-in-class dispensary security consultant partner, Sapphire Risk. This 1-hour consultation is a $300 value that also saves clients thousands in equipment and build costs.

Compliant Tech + Sustainable Security Strategy


Sapphire Risk Advisory Group is the oldest licensed cannabis security consultancy in the United States and has designed cannabis security operations in 35 states and counting. With over 100 years of combined experience analyzing crime and the tendencies of those who commit them, Sapphire has gained the necessary knowledge to identify security risks and help cannabis businesses prevent them. Sapphire reviews all aspects of your business to protect you from both internal and external threats. Sapphire’s job is to provide you with a sustainable security strategy that grows with your business. No matter the space, Sapphire can save your cannabis business time and money while securing your property.


What You Get From Your 1-Hour Security Consultation

  • Learn what to expect when creating the security plan for your cannabis business application and how to win in competitive markets.
  • Understand what happens after you win your license and how to manage the security build out of your cannabis business.
  • Standardize your operational security policies and plan how to implement them in your functioning cannabis business.

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