Discover the Secrets of Successful Cannabis Retailers and the Pitfalls of Those Who Fail

Getting your dispensary open for business is one thing, but remaining viable in the increasingly competitive cannabis retail sector is quite another. On top of that, you've got to watch out for common mistakes that can take you off the path to success with an economic recession just around the corner.
From working closely with thousands of cannabis entrepreneurs and witnessing remarkable successes in addition to catastrophic failures, we've seen some notable trends develop, and now we're sharing them with you in one place!

This newly updated and expanded eBook contains our expert advice on the deadly mistakes to avoid at all costs, the common threads among thriving cannabis retail operations, real-world examples presented with case studies, and important tips on how to navigate the post-pandemic landscape.

We've added some fresh insights including:

  • How to find out if you have what it takes to run a dispensary before you jump into the business.
  • Why you need to build a strong brand for your cannabis retail operation to stand out among the competition.
  • How you can use data to design a great customer experience and give them what they really want.

Along with our tried and true best practices:

  • How to follow through on your dispensary vision while maintaining the ability to quickly adapt to changes.
  • Where you need to invest the majority of your time and money to master cannabis retail operations and finances.
  • Why strong relationships within the community are key for fostering trust with both employees and customers.

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