Learn the Game-Changing Strategies to Earn Higher Profits and Key Costly Mistakes to Avoid

Getting a cannabis retail operation off the ground and open for business is one thing, but getting your dispensary to reach its full potential is another. Not to mention, you've also go to keep an eye out to avoid the common pitfalls that can quickly derail best-laid plans.
From working closely with hundreds of cannabis entrepreneurs, witnessing remarkable successes in addition to catastrophic failures, we've seen some obvious trends develop - and now we're sharing them with you!

This free eBook covers the key effective strategies that top cannabis retailers in North America already know and use. It also presents cautionary examples of what not to do if you want to achieve your cannabis retail vision.

We're including more information on the following:

  • How successful retailers follow through on their vision and adapt to change to quickly take advantage of new information or pivot to better serve customers.
  • Where cannabis retailers invest the majority of their time and money to master operations and finances while leveraging everything from automation to negotiation.
  • Why dispensary owners focus on forming strong relationships within the community and fostering trust with their employees to build their brand.

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Cova is an industry leader in software solutions for cannabis retail. In building the #1 dispensary POS platform in North America, trusted by more than 1800 retail locations from coast to coast, we have collected valuable insights and key industry best practices. We leverage this unique expertise to continuously develop our technology and help cannabis entrepreneurs successfully launch and scale their businesses in a highly regulated and increasingly competitive market.