Make the most out of your cannabis dispensary gift card program with this step-by-step guide! 

Cannabis gift cards are a great way to boost your dispensary revenue with minimal investment. However, getting the most value out of your gift card program takes more than just putting your stylish logo on a convenient piece of plastic. The right strategy is vital when it comes to maximizing the impact on your bottom line. 

Our free guide to cannabis gift cards includes key retail best practices that will show you exactly how to launch and maintain a successful gift card program that attracts new customers, builds your brand, and most importantly, drives higher sales.

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A Sneak Peak Inside the Guide...

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  • The surprising stats and hidden benefits of gift cards and why they’re particularly valuable in cannabis retail.
  • How to increase brand visibility, generate larger basket sizes, kickstart a loyalty program, and encourage repeat clients.
  • The solutions that are available and what to consider in your gift card strategy including regulations to keep in mind.
  • What the process and timelines look like when ordering branded gift cards for your cannabis dispensary.
  • Ensuring that your gift cards keep giving year-round by incorporating the program into your marketing strategy.
  • How to merchandize, train, and incentivize your staff to sell, capitalize on seasonality, and use reporting to improve sales.

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Cova is an industry leader in software solutions for cannabis retail. In building the #1 dispensary POS platform in North America, trusted by more than 2, 000 retail locations from coast to coast, we have collected valuable insights and key industry best practices. We leverage this unique expertise to continuously develop our technology and help cannabis entrepreneurs successfully launch and scale their businesses in a highly regulated and increasingly competitive market.