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Step-By-Step Guide to Make the Most out of Your Cannabis Dispensary Gift Card Program

Cannabis gift cards provide a major boost to your dispensary revenue with minimal investment. But getting the most value out of your gift card program requires more than putting your stylish logo on a convenient piece of plastic. The right strategies make all the difference when it comes to maximizing the impact on your bottom line. Our free guide to cannabis gift card best practices will show you how to launch and maintain a successful gift card program that attracts new customers and drives higher sales.

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The Hidden Benefits of Gift Cards

From increasing brand visibility to generating higher basket sizes and kickstarting loyalty programs, learn the surprising stats and proven benefits of gift cards -- and why they’re especially valuable in cannabis retail.


Solutions, Steps & Timelines

Learn about the solutions available, what to consider in your gift card strategy—including regulations to be aware of—and what the process and timelines look like when ordering gift cards for your dispensary.


Selling & Promoting Cannabis Gift Cards

Make sure your gift cards keep giving year-round by incorporating your program into your marketing strategy. Discover tips on how to merchandize, train and incentivize your staff to sell, capitalize on seasonality, and use reporting to improve sales.

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