Free Guide: 7 Steps to Higher Cannabis Retail Sales and Happier Customers

Don’t waste the biggest cannabis retail opportunity of the year with a lack of preparation and planning. When it comes to maximizing your revenue and handling high volume, you need a proven strategy to succeed and a no-fail system that you can rely on.

Our newly expanded 420 guide is a must-have resource for any cannabis retailer who wants to boost their business on the big day this year. We've also added tips for running your cannabis dispensary with ease and impressing customers, even during an unpredictable global pandemic.

We're including more information on the following:

  • Effective marketing strategies to bring in excited clients 
  • Empowering your staff for higher sales and happier customers
  • Retaining loyal clients by offering attractive incentives 
  • Using custom cannabis gift cards to boost your brand and sales
  • Creating a safe and convenient shopping experience with delivery
  • Managing inventory with ease across multiple locations
  • Maintaining compliance with technology, systems, and processes

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Cova is an industry leader in software solutions for cannabis retail. In building the #1 dispensary POS platform in North America, trusted by more than 2000 retail locations from coast to coast, we have collected valuable insights and key industry best practices. We leverage this unique expertise to continuously develop our technology and help cannabis entrepreneurs successfully launch and scale their businesses in a highly regulated and increasingly competitive market.

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