Order Cannabis Product Samples.

Get Advance Notice of New Products.

With Cova and SampleDirect, Canadian cannabis retailers can order product samples and gain access to advance notice of upcoming products available from provincial wholesalers including AGCO, AGLC, and BCLDB.


With this integration, samples can be ordered and information on new products accessed straight from the Cova Hub, where retailers using Cova POS already manage their inventory and reports.

Whether cannabis store owners and inventory managers want to "try before they buy" or have staff sample products already stocked without writing off inventory, SampleDirect enables informed purchasing decisions and product recommendations to customers.

This service is available to Cova POS customers at no additional cost. To learn more or set up SampleDirect, please fill out the form on this page.

If you are not yet a Cova POS customer, we invite you to book a free consultation and find out how Cova Software can help you grow your business.


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