Learn the Best Practices to Hire, Train, and Retain Great Cannabis Dispensary Staff!

Hiring and training great employees can be one of the most challenging parts of operating a successful cannabis dispensary. Finding suitable candidates has proven more difficult (and frustrating) than you would expect in a quickly growing industry due to high turnover. That's precisely why we've put together our ultimate guide to hiring, training, and retaining great dispensary employees!

Find the right staff members, boost employee performance, and elevate the customer experience at your cannabis retail business while avoiding compliance infractions with our ultimate guide, created in collaboration with Kayapush. We've gathered expert advice to present you with the key strategies for budtender retention including hiring, onboarding, training, and compliance.

Inside our ultimate guide we're covering best practices and valuable tips on:

  • Getting ready for the recruiting process, what to include in a cannabis job description, and where to find suitable candidates
  • Key team members you need to hire and the best interview questions to ask
  • How to remain compliant when onboarding along with tools that can help and what to include in a budtender training manual
  • How to increase sales and prevent compliance violations with proper training while boosting and tracking employee performance
  • Specific software solutions for compliant time tracking and payroll

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About Cova

Cova is an industry leader in software solutions for cannabis retail. In building the #1 dispensary POS platform in North America, trusted by more than 2,000 retail locations from coast to coast, we have collected valuable insights and key industry best practices. We leverage this unique expertise to continuously develop our technology and help cannabis entrepreneurs successfully launch and scale their businesses in a highly regulated and increasingly competitive market.

About KayaPush

KayaPush is the people management software for dispensaries that makes people management easy. KayaPush offers a unique end-to-end solution to help dispensary owners with recruiting, hiring, onboarding, HR, scheduling, time tracking, payroll, business reporting, forcasting and more! With unique dashboards and integrations, KayaPush saves dispensary owners up to 75% on administrative tasks and 3% on labor.