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While every state and provincial licensing process is different, they all have a few things in common; namely, legally binding sales limits, mandatory reporting to various government agencies, and last but certainly not least, your seed-to-sale product tracking capabilities.

The ability to track and manage cannabis retail inventory is not only critical to the success of your business but the key to qualifying for a retail license. The bottom line: if you can demonstrate your ability to manage inventory efficiently and report to your jurisdiction accurately, you are more likely to qualify for a retail license.

If you’re preparing to submit a cannabis retail license application, our comprehensive guide will help you satisfy the tracking and reporting requirements in your application. This template was created to address regulatory concerns in your state or province and can be used to supplement your cannabis retail license application.

We're including useful copy and paste responses on the following:

  • How a cannabis POS software can reduce human error and guarantee accurate product tracking.
  • How automated tech will oversee compliance concerns like reporting, purchase limits, and hours of operation.
  • How you plan to communicate with the local state/provincial tracking system at your business.
  • How the cannabis retail software you choose will support the busiest cannabis retail days of the year.
  • How you plan to protect customer privacy and proprietary information at your operation.
  • How you plan to support business growth, specifically multi-location inventory oversight.

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