Cova Digital Signage Hardware  (US)

Eliminate the guesswork! We've tested and certified these devices as being fully compatible with Cova Digital Signage. Purchasing a Trusted Device ensures complete compatibility with our system.

Media Players

Media Players





Media Players


Media Players

Minimum Requirements

OS Version Windows 10
Processor Intel Atom x5-Z8300 (1.44GHz)
Storage 64GB
Storage space considers the operating system, Digital Signage, and associated updates. If you plan on running additional applications, you may need additional storage space.
Internet Connection Yes
Peripheral Connections USB
USB is only required to connect a mouse and keyboard during the initial setup.
Video Connections HDMI or DisplayPort
Ideally, you should match your device’s video output with your display’s video input. Otherwise, you'll require an adapter to convert the signal.


Our Media Player Picks

 Product 1080p Manufacturing # Purchase
30 FPS 60 FPS
Our Pick  Lenovo M715q Tiny 10VG000JUS  $495 Order Online



Minimum Requirements

Screen Size Any
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio Any
Video Connections HDMI or DisplayPort
Ideally, you should match your device’s video output with your display’s video input. Otherwise, you'll require an adapter to convert the signal.
Audio Optional


Our Display Picks

Product 1080p 4K Manufacturing #
32" LG 32SE3KD 𝙓 32SE3KD-B $450 Order Online
Phillips Q-Line BDL3230QL 𝙓 BDL3230QL $370 Order Online
Samsung DC32E 𝙓 LH32DCEPLGA/GO $405 Order Online
43" LG 43SE3KD-B 𝙓 43SE3KD-B $635 Order Online
Phillips Q-Line BDL4330QL 𝙓 BDL4330QL $515 Order Online
Planar SL4364K 997-9254-00 $665 Order Online
Sony Bravia X800E XBR43X800E $650 Order Online
55" LG 55SE3KD 𝙓 55SE3KD-B $1,135 Order Online
Phillips Q-Line BDL5530QL 𝙓 BDL5530QL $780 Order Online
Planar SL5564K 997-9256-00 $1180 Order Online
Samsung DC55E 𝙓 LH55DCEPLGA/GO $1,010 Order Online
Sony Bravia X900F XBR55X900F $1,200 Order Online
65" Sony Bravia X900F XBR65X900F $1,700 Order Online
  Planar SL6564K 997-9257-00 $1815 Order Online



Product Length Manufacturing # Purchase
DisplayPort Cable  6' DISPLPORT6L $20 Order Online
10' DISPLPORT10L $20 Order Online
   DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Cable  6'  P582-006  $25 Order Online
10'   P582-010 $30 Order Online
HDMI Cable  6'  56783  $10 Order Online
10'  56784  $10 Order Online
Wireless Mouse and Keyboard - 920-007897 $35 Order Online

Network Requirements

We recommend connecting your device with a wired Ethernet connection whenever possible. This will improve connectivity and speed while reducing the chance of potential network issues. However, if your location doesn’t have an accessible Ethernet connection or you require mobility, a Wi-Fi connection can be used as an alternative.

The Wi-Fi connection on the device at the location where it will be used must:

  • Be persistent
  • Remain connected to only the intended, stable store Wi-Fi connection
  • Have an average signal strength of -65 dBm or higher
  • Have an average of 5 Mbit/s internet download speed
  • Use the Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) or newer standard

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1 Professional
  • Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro
  • Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB
  • Windows 10 Home
  • Windows 10 Pro

Ordering Notes

  • Prices on this page are approximate and subject to change by the vendor.
  • Timelines for hardware arrival may be 4-6 weeks from date of order, pending in-stock status.
  • Payment for hardware will be made directly to the vendor (ex: CDW).
  • Shipping costs are not included.

DOA, RMA, and Returns

  • CDW's DOA policy is 21 days from date of purchase and requires the original packaging in the event of a return. For this reason, we highly recommend checking your products upon arrival to ensure products operate as expected.
  • Do not throw away the original packaging (boxes) until the products have been tested and the DOA window has passed. Your request for DOA will be denied if units are not returned with original packaging.
  • For RMA requests, please contact the corresponding vendor rep (ex: CDW rep) if the product is within the first 21 days of purchase. If past 21 days, please contact the manufacturer directly for any RMA requests.

Contacts, Orders, and Installation Services

  • CDW can provide these services.
  • Contact our CDW Account Manager to receive a quote.



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