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How to Stand Out at Your Cannabis Retail Store on July 4th

Cannabis Retail on 4th of JulyCannabis retailers generally see an uptick in business around major holidays because, well, cannabis enthusiasts typically include cannabis as a part of their celebrations. But the Fourth of July is a particularly meaningful holiday on which cannabis lovers in legal states celebrate their ability to freely enjoy their favorite plant, along with all the other freedoms enjoyed in the USA.

Of course, it makes sense to capitalize on the festive mood surrounding Independence Day with special deals, promotions and product bundles at your cannabis retail store. However, you might consider other ways to attract new clientele and engage with your local community, too.

We’ve put together some ideas to help you make the most of this year’s Fourth of July celebrations. Of course, you’ll need to check your local ordinances and guidelines for some of them and obtain any required permits or licenses.

1. Offer Your Shop as Shelter from the Heat

If your retail cannabis operation is located near major holiday festivities, you can promote your store as a place of respite from the oppressive heat (with a small purchase, of course). This could easily provide a steady stream of foot traffic, including people who are a cannabis dispensary newbie

Additionally, if you have a vape lounge attached to your store, you can hire a DJ, a band or other live entertainment to set the festive mood.

2. Take the Party Outside

Creating a sidewalk scene can be like a magnet for drawing in festival and party-goers. Go as far with this as your ambition (and budget) will allow — bring in a band or DJ, food truck and put your street team to work pulling passerby in to stock up on party supplies.

You can also coordinate with other local businesses and community leaders to stage an old-school block party. The sales you generate from this kind of endeavor are secondary to building brand recognition and goodwill with your community — a valuable long-term business strategy.

3. Promote Your Unique Experience and Offer Special Tours

If your retail operation includes other aspects of cannabis production — like a grow room, extraction lab or visual seed-to-sale process — or if you have other cool, unique attractions like a cannabis museum, you can offer tours as a special Independence Day promotion. This is also a perfect opportunity to spread some knowledge regarding the use of hemp and cannabis by the country’s founders.

4. Don’t Forget 7/10

Right on the heels of July 4 comes 7/10, also known as Dab Day, which in the last few years has come to be a major holiday among cannabis extract enthusiasts. Consider piggybacking off of your Independence Day product deals or even combining the two. Keep your core clientele in mind when crafting promotions and give them what they’d most like to buy at special rates or in relevant, themed bundles. 

Studying in-depth sales reports generated by your cannabis retail POS can help you create thoughtful cannabis retail marketing promotions that will help maximize holiday sales.

5. Continue to Break the Stigma with Community Outreach

In addition to partnering with fellow businesses and community leaders to coordinate fun, collaborative celebrations, you can also offer to help out around the holiday. For instance, you could coordinate a trash pickup following a parade or firework viewing. Alternatively, you could pledge a certain percentage of your revenues from Fourth of July sales to a worthy cause. 

Trust us — a little bit of community outreach goes a long way toward breaking negative stigmas surrounding cannabis.

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